Senin, 19 Oktober 2009


Monkeys are funny by nature, but when it comes to video clips, you can enjoy countless hours of fun just by watching them online. There are many television shows and documentary films such as those we can watch on Animal Planet, Discovery, and History channels. Through those films, we have learned about the monkeys of both the new and the old world and their different species.

However, people use to call monkey any primate regardless it is a monkey or an ape. As in example, gibbons, gorillas, and chimpanzees are not monkey, but apes. Even though when it comes to funny monkey’s video clips, there is no difference at all and you can watch online videos of any type of them including mandrills. Some of the funniest monkeys are not even real.

Cartoon monkeys are comical and there are so many laughable moments that you can revive throughout the clips that UTube members upload to this site. Among the famous monkeys that you can find as well, remember those of the TV series Daktari and Cheeta, the unforgettable companion of Tarzan in his films since there were no monkeys in the original novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Incidentally none of those famous TVs and movies animals are really monkeys but chimpanzees and yet so funny anyway. Cheeta is actually 76 years old and lives in a sanctuary for primates playing piano, watching TV, and painting so if these facts do not amaze you; wait for his autobiography "Me, Cheeta" expected to be released sometime in October 2008.

However putting aside the gracious Tarzan's sidekick, monkeys also appear in the old Chinese mythology and there is a classic comic Chinese novel, "Journey to the West", featuring Sun Wukong, the "Monkey King." In Japan and other countries of the Far East, monkeys are treated with respect more than fun because they are part of their religious beliefs and worship.

In India, there is a divine entity that is depicted like a monkey-like humanoid famous for its longevity, Hanuman, the servant of God. Monkeys in Buddhism are no considered funny either, since a monkey is considered to be the incarnation of Buddha. Perhaps de only comical moment when it comes to serious oriental monkeys is the Japanese representation of the three wise monkeys that have served as inspiration of many funny cartoons in occident.

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